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1801 Mesquite Ave
Lake Havasu City, AZ


Our Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons of Mohave Centers for Dermatology & Plastic Surgery offer the area's only comprehensive multi-disciplinary skin cancer center which brings together a team of experts.  We are proud to be the leading, continuously operating provider of specialized dermatology and aesthetic surgery services in Mohave County for over 25 years!

Mohave Centers for Dermatology and Plastic Surgery is a comprehensivepractice that includes Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic services for patient improvement of the skin and body, serving Mohave County for over 27 years

In Memoriam of Rodney R. Rodriguez, Ph.D., M.D.

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Rodney Rodriguez and he will be dearly missed by all of us at Mohave Centers for Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. 

Mohave Centers for Dermatology and Plastic Surgery are continuing to offer full time services with state of the art Electronic Brachytherapy which is a non-invasive technique enabling the delivery of individualized, customized, focused and highly accurate x-ray therapy for non-melanoma skin cancers. Electronic Brachytherapy allows the physicians to deliver x-ray therapy in much fewer sessions than traditional external beam radiation and insures maximum radiation safety.

We want our patients and the community to know that we have physician coverage for all services for Electronic Skin Brachytherapy.  Currently we have full time coverage by radiation oncologists, for our patients who might be a candidate for Electronic Skin Brachytherapy Radiation treatments. 

The doctors of Mohave Centers for Dermatology and Plastic Surgery offer cutting edge, non- invasive and outpatient x-ray therapy in the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers as an alternative to surgery in the following patients:  patients who do not wish to have an additional invasive procedure, patients with close surgical margins high risk lesions or positive margins after surgery, patients with recurrent lesions, patients where surgery in clinically contraindicated (eg. patients on blood thinning medications or poor lower leg circulation) or patients with skin cancers in cosmetically sensitive areas such as the face, scalp, ears, hands and legs.